Friday, October 26, 2012

This girl

Its time for a Peyton update!  I realize this update is overdue but I am sure our readers would love to know what is going on in the life of our little girl. Here you go.   
First, Peyton continues to be very happy and healthy.  Thank goodness.  She is also very curious/adventurous.  I think this gene runs in the family.  She loves to go outside and check things out.  This particular day she was exploring the front steps in our neighbors yard.  She is learning how to walk up steps versus climb up steps.  You go girl!  
Peyton, like most kids, loves candy.  While I do not keep large amounts of candy in our house I did let the kids have an extra big treat at my friends wedding a couple weeks ago.  Her favorite snack - skittles - just like her mommy.  I am so proud!  
Peyton's verbal skills have exploded the past couple weeks.  She is saying more words clearly and forming sentences.  This particular day we were at the park and she was trying to say 'look at the duck'.  It came out as 'ooh, ah ga duckee'.  Again, so sweet.  I know she can understand everything I say and follow directions pretty well for a 19 month old girl.  We will continue to work on those words and read more and more books.  
Peyton's fine and gross motor skills are also coming along well.  She runs, recently learned to jump, and climbs on everything.  She also holds a crayon/utensil very well in her hand.   Oh yes, did I mention we think she is left handed?  She eats and writes with her left hand.  While her brother is clearly a righty, this girl may just be a lefty like her daddy.  
Now that Peyton is in the 'toddler' stage of life she is more aware of and can participate in all the fun traditions this time of year.  Our favorite, the pumpkin patch.  Here is our little girl picking out her own pumpkin.  Good job!  She has also been helping me collect leaves outside and wanting to learn to ride a tricycle. I think I have a good idea of what this girl needs/wants for Christmas.  
Oh yes, Peyton has also shown a lot of interest in music and specifically the piano.  While she is too young for formal lessons, I love to let her sit and 'play' while I cook dinner.  She also loves to dance to music she hears which brings me a lot of joy since I was a dancer growing up.  I can't wait to enroll her in ballet class when she is 3.  
Finally, this girl loves her baby dolls.  She sleeps with them, brings them to school, plays with them and cares for them so well.  I firmly believe that we have a sensitive and caring young lady on our hands.  Even Preston will sit and play with her and her babies which is a delight to watch.  Now, if only Peyton would let me care for her and put a clip in that hair.  I'm working on it ;)  

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