Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 was a lot of fun at the Dalbey house.  Well, we headed over to Grandad Denton's house to celebrate, dress up in costume, and trick or treat.  We were also joined by cousin Alice and her mom and dad to celebrate the evening.  Here are a few pictures of the kids in their costumes.  I also must share a couple stories behind their costumes.  First, we have Preston...I mean, Buzz Lightyear!  
I purchased this costume at Aldi, yes, Aldi 3 years ago for $7.99.  Yes, that means that Preston was about a year old and I have been saving it ever since.  Hey, you just can't go wrong with a Buzz Lightyear costume.  Oh yes, Preston loved the costume.  He told me he wants to be Woody next year.  What an awesome boy.  Here is a picture of Preston saying "to infinity and beyond".  
Next, we have sweet Peyton.  Ok, I tried to borrow a costume but didn't have any success.  (Does anyone want to work on a costume exchange for next year?  If so, please let me know).  I ended up going to Target and letting Peyton pick her costume.  I was really pulling for the Ice Cream Cone or the baby Koala bear.  Peyton wanted to be a pink dinosaur which was fine by me.  She makes a very cute pink dinosaur.  Here are a couple pictures of Peyton.  Oh yes, it was VERY hard to capture a picture of Peyton with her dinosaur head on.  Note to self - 1 piece costumes are the way to go!  
I think Peyton was more interested in holding her candy basket and preparing for the candy adventure.  
 Finally, a few pictures of the 2 kids in costume and some other fun photos to share with our viewers.  I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.  
 Can you tell how excited the kids were to take photos.  
 Again, he is 'so excited'.  
Peyton decided to give me a sweet little dinosaur roar!! 
Finally, a pic with cousin Alice.  
 This was the best I could do :)  

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