Friday, November 9, 2012

A full week

Its been a full week at the Dalbey house.  Here are a few pictures from our week.  
First, a sweet picture of Peyton in her flower hat.  
Next, Preston doing flips on the stops at church.  This is totally normal.  
Have I mentioned that Peyton LOVES taking care of her babies.  If I haven't, here is a picture to prove her love.  I think she loves all four babies equally.  Notice how they are wrapped up in a towel.  
Our week would never be complete without a visit to see Daddy at work.  Have you been to St. Louis Smoothie?  Do you know how AWESOME their drinks are?   Go visit - so worth it.  
Oh yes, I voted on Tuesday.  Also, a note to all political campaigns:  None of your TV, Radio or home mailers influenced my decision on who to vote for.  Did I mentioned that I am an independent voter?  Well, I am.  It would be better to take all that money you spent on advertising and send it to clean water efforts in Africa or street children in Honduras. Oh yes, my #1 political issue (even though it should be a human issue) is the environment.  Just an FYI.  
The weather is nice in STL this week.  What do we do in the Dalbey family?  We take our T-ball set to the park.  Man, this kid has skills.  
Oh yes, we also play hide and seek!  
I found the kids before they noticed :) 
The trees in STL are still super beautiful.  
I love this girl!! She is so sweet and happy.  
The Dalbey family is now focusing our efforts on the next Holiday - Thanksgiving.  Have I mentioned that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is.  
Our week would also not be complete without a bike ride around the neighborhood.  
Finally, a end of the week lunch at Crown Candy with my dad.  Yummy.  

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