Friday, December 28, 2012

More Photos from Christmas

Ok, I am going to be a bit silly for a moment and say that 'Santa' was very generous this year.  Not only did he bring so many wonderful toys and goodies for our kids, but he gave Steven and I some of the most generous items.  I also need to thank my parents, Steven's parents, my boss/dad, Grandparents and dear friends.  We are blessed this Christmas season because of your great love.  
Now, a few more photos.  First, the tree was so beautiful at the Dalbey house with all the gifts underneath.  
 Here we have Preston and Peyton checking out their gifts.  Peyton was very interested in the tissues from her stocking.  
 Preston is finally able to open his gifts.  His favorite gifts were some new trains, puzzles and books.  
 Peyton also enjoyed opening her gifts this year.  Her favorite gifts were some baby doll accessories, a doll house and a couple new books.  
 Here is a pic of the kids opening some gifts.  Ok, Peyton tried to open her gifts but Preston was very happy to help her and everyone else.  I am sure her skills will improve over the next year.  

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