Monday, December 10, 2012

Other things going on

Besides going to the zoo, there are plenty of things that keep the Dalbey family busy.  
First, hanging out at home is a blast!  We have such a wonderful collection of toys, books and games that the kids always have something fun to do.  The other day we took advantage of our block collections and started building.  Peyton does great with these mega blocks. 
 Preston, however, prefers legos.  
Notice that Preston built stairs on top of his tower.  He is such a creative engineer.  
Second, we went to our Church Family Christmas concert last night.  It was a blast!  Notice how Preston loves to hang out with his friend Jane.  
I love singing Christmas songs with our church family - they are wonderful!  
Preston is the one that goes to school 3 days a week in our house.  Peyton, however, thinks that she is ready to go to school and proudly puts on her backpack as well.  All in good time little girl!  
We have also been working on some art projects lately.  This one was a finger paint Christmas page.  I think I need to bust out the water colors or the markers this week.  
We have also had some time to head over to Grandma and Grandad's house to play with cousin Alice.  Here, Preston and Alice have fun spinning each other on the patio chair.  
Peyton watches closely and decides not to participate in the chair ride.  She much prefers that backpack.  I am observing that Peyton is more introverted than her brother.  Fine by me.  

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