Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We are doing better

Friends, the Dalbey family is feeling much better.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement and acts of kindness.  Peyton's fever finally went away on Monday afternoon and has stayed away.  We were even feeling good enough on Tuesday morning for a quick visit to daddy at St. Louis smoothie.   Plus, those smoothie's are so good and so healthy!  This pictures shows a happy daddy and Peyton. 
Now, the girl still has a cough but at least her eyes are not puffy.  Here she is cuddling with mommy yesterday afternoon. 
Oh yes, snow is also something that makes any kid smile.  Here we have Preston outside yesterday afternoon. 
I even took Petyon out for a few minutes to enjoy the snow. 
The view from my front porch.  Can we get some more of the white stuff?
While Peyton took a nap yesterday afternoon I took Preston outside to play.  He loved making snow angels and even tried to make a snowman...but was unsuccessful. 
Oh yes, my mother in law sent over a care package of random goodies.  Thank you so much. This was a such a surprise and I love the random assortment of items.  I think we need to open that bag of popcorn tonight! 
Finally, my dad took me out for lunch today at Crown Candy and it was yummy.  Thank you, Dad, for picking me up a little after a long weekend. 

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