Monday, January 21, 2013


We have had some sickness floating around the Dalbey house the past week.

First, it started with Preston.  He started coughing on Monday evening and had a low grade fever.  He seemed OK but we kept an eye on him and gave him a day off of school.  His fever went away and then he just continued with a runny nose and cough.  Thankfully, his energy continued and he seemed much better by Wednesday evening.  We even worked on that cool snowman project from my last blog post.

Then there is Peyton.  She started feeling sick on Thursday evening and also had a low grade fever.  She started to cough and had a runny nose.  Unfortunately, Peyton's body may not have the same drive for health as her brothers.  Peyton's fever continued Friday and Saturday.  Finally, she was still sick on Sunday afternoon and her breathing sounded yucky.  Here is a photo of her on Sunday mid day - not too good.  Her eyes were puffy from the water leaking out and her fever was returning yet again.

Against all desires and a lack of monetary resources I took our pediatrician's exchange line's recommendations and took Peyton to the ER. This was after 3 intense breathing treatments at home and other medication's.  Now, I am usually the kind of person who 'sucks it up' and hangs in there unless I think I am or someone else is dying.  So, to take my girl to the ER was not easy.

And the result:  She has RSV or a Virus.  There isn't much you can do but suck out the gunk in her nose, give her Tylenol and Ibuprofen and let time heal.  Thank you, ER, for telling me what I already suspected and taking money I do not have.  Can you hear my frustration?   Oh yes, you didn't give us the medicine samples like you said and you didn't give my daughter any breathing treatments or medication for her congestion so we had to go out and buy some.  You make me NEVER want to go back to the ER...even if I am dying... OK, ONLY if I am dying and I pray that doesn't happen for a while.

Result: I just want the sickness in our family to go away. I want relief from our monetary stress and I wish my husband and I didn't have to work a crazy schedule just so we can survive.  I would really like to start living a little.  Thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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