Thursday, February 14, 2013


Yesterday was Valentines least favorite holiday.  I am not sure whey I dislike Valentines Day.  Perhaps I disliked the holiday this year becasue Steven was at work till 9:30pm and I secretely wished we could just go out on a nice date.  Oh well. I did, however, celebrate love with my children yesterday afternoon by making some cute valentine crafts.  Here is the craft - our lovely hearts. 
I simply took some paper, cut them into heart shapes and then had the kids draw on some of the leftover red paper.  Here is Preseton who has taken a liking to the scissors (thank you preschool). 
Peyton also like the craft but wanted in on that scissor action...which did not happen. 
We look the extra red paper with their scribble and cut more hearts to place on top of our other hearts.  You can see what I am talking about in the photo below.  
I finally strung the hearts together to make a lovely banner for our fireplace.  
Even if I don't love Valentines Day I am glad our house looks nice. 
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