Monday, April 29, 2013

Bday party

I have been so impressed lately with the Birthday Parties Preston has been invited to.  His first big party was at a music studio.  The kids were able to play big drums, keyboards, etc... and even make their own music and take home a CD. Incredible.  Yesterday's party was at All American Gymnastics and Preston had a BLAST.  Oh yes, Peyton had a blast as well.  Both kids could not contain their excitement.  Here they all are all lined up and ready to go.
The kids learned the importance of warming up before you play.
Peyton has no fear when it comes to climbing.  She always wants to keep up with her big brother.

What kid doesn't like the pit :) 
Here we have Preston hanging from the high bar above the pit. He did great - look at that strength.
Guess who wanted to join in on the fun?  Peyton!  The teacher was quite impressed with how brave she was for a little girl.  I think we have a future gymnast and Mommy is so proud!
The Birthday party!
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