Friday, April 26, 2013


Preston has been sick the past few days.  Poor guy.  It all started on Wednesday when I got a call from the nurse at his school.  Yup, my kid got sick in the middle of class.  Thankfully he doesn't seem to worried even though I was so worried the poor kid would be shamed for the rest of the year.  Apparently, however, he is the third one in his class to get sick in the past week.  Something is going around that school and its time to bust out the bleach.  Since he has been home we have been doing a whole lot of nothing outside of resting, watching videos and reading books.  Here is the classic picture of our sick boy.  He is snoozing on my bed with Mr. Frog.
Another picture of Preston snoozing on my bed with his frog.  Im glad he is getting a lot of extra sleep.
Here is the boy watching a Thomas video. Froggy is doing a great job keeping him company.
We are all hoping and praying for a quick recovery and that mommy and Peyton are spared.
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