Friday, April 12, 2013

This weeks top photos

It has been another full week for the Dalbey family.  Steven worked a lot this week which meant that I had quite a bit of time with the kids.  Thankfully, the weather has been really nice and we have had plenty of activities to keep us busy.
First, sometimes you just need a donut.  This picture was taken on Tuesday.  My kids love donuts (just look at that picture) and especially the ones with sprinkles.  I think I need to learn how to make awesome donuts at home.
Peyton has been enrolled in a breathing/asthma study at St.  Louis Children's Hospital.  We have had some problems with her breathing in the past and our pediatrician recommended this to us.  Our first appointment was yesterday morning.  After a long hour of questions they gave Peyton the chance to pick out a toy from a bin.  She went straight for the Pony.    I don't think I know a little girl who doesn't like horses.
Spring is HERE!  I am VERY excited about being outside more often and how beautiful everything looks.  Just look at these trees.  I am going to 'try' and take some photos of the family this weekend outside.  Lets see how that goes.
Another update on Peyton:  She continues to sleep well at night in her bed but will only take a nap in 'mommy's bed'.  I don't really mind because when she naps I usually go downstairs to play with Preston.  Here is a picture I captured of her yesterday afternoon when I went in to check on her.
Finally, my tulips are about to bloom.  Preston helped me plant these last fall and we are SO excited to see them growing so well.  I can't wait to see them all in bloom.  I'll post a picture when that happens.

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