Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our baby birds

The Dalbey family has welcome some sweet birds into our family the past few weeks.  We have 2 nests.  One in the back upstairs window and one in the front porch tower.  We have all enjoyed watching the birds go from little blue eggs to sweet baby birds just about to leave their nest and explore the world.  Peyton continues to call them 'my birdies' and loves when I lift her up to see them.  Here are a few photos of these sweet little things.  First, we have the birds from the back window nest who are a few weeks older than the ones in the front.  Here they are waiting for their mommy to return to the nest.
Still waiting for mommy and so cute.  
Here are the birds from the front porch.  They love to stick up their little heads and call out for food.
This picture cracks me up. Notice the bird in the front who looks totally spent and then the bird in the back wailing for its mommy.  Hilarious.
Oh yes, Peyton even took some blocks and said she was making a birdie nest today.  So cute.
Here we have a photo of the kids looking up at the nest.  Preston thinks it is super funny and Peyton just stares.  This photo accurately capture their personalities.
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