Saturday, June 22, 2013

Garage sale

Have I mentioned before how much I love garage sales.   Well, I love Garage Sales.  Its a chance to find really good clothes for the fraction of the cost.  Seriously, I never pay full price for my kids clothes...but I am thankful for those that do and then sell them a year or two or more later.  Today I 'made out' with a whole bunch of good stuff at a garage sale.  I scored 4 dresses, a pair of bloomers, a pair of pjs, 2 long sleeve shirts, a sweater, 3 pairs of tights, a puzzle, letter cards and a pair of Kean shoes.  All for $48.   Oh yes, did I mention that these are REALLY nice clothes. I know for a fact that the polka dot dress on the left side of the picture is a $36 dress from Kelly's Kids. I know that the Kean shoes retail at REI for $24.95.  Yeah, I scored big time.  Oh yes, I also picked up a super cute newborn hat that I am going to save for a future photo shoot with a client.  I am just so stinking thankful for garage sales and the cute wardrobe my daughter now has planned for next summer!  

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