Thursday, June 20, 2013


Today has been a really good day so far.  My children woke up at a 'normal' time, we all ate breakfast together, I took the kids to the park, we treated ourselves to lunch at McDonalds and had the entire play area to ourselves!!  Yes, all mother's out there know that this private playtime is priceless!  Plus, the play place at this particular McDonald's was clean and inviting.  A win overall. 
I also took the kids to the new Marshall's store near our house.  What a wonderful shopping experience at this clean and quiet store. I even found a new shirt for a great price along with 2 books for the kids.  Now, my kids seem to be content and playing nicely together.  Will this last?  I am guessing so.  I am 'planning' on an early dinner because Peyton does not seem to want to nap.  No worries.  She will fall asleep before 7pm. I guarantee it!  How is your day going?  

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