Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cleaning House

I think we can all agree with the following statement: It is so hard to keep your house/room/dorm clean.  I often believe the lie that I am the only one who struggles to keep my house picked up on a daily basis.  After talking to almost everyone I am finally learning that I am not alone.  Ok, unless you have a housekeeper that comes multiple times a week, then your house might be clean.  For those 'normal' people in the world we all know that keeping up with dishes, laundry, trash, the yard, etc... is no easy task.  I am learning to give myself a bit more credit and to not be so harsh on myself.  I guess we could say that this blog post is a celebration of the rooms in my house that are clean.  Lets start with the kitchen.  The dishes are clean.  They may not be put away...but they are clean.  
 Laundry.  Oh, laundry.  I have been trying really hard the past couple weeks to not let the laundry pile up in our house.  My goal is simple: wash and put away one load of laundry a day.  I am hoping that this will minimize the massive piles of clothes laying around my room and closet.  Here is my pile from today.  At least the kids have clean clothes.  
 On to my front porch. I LOVE my front porch now that we painted the concrete a slate gray.  Sure, those flowers need to be planted but only I notice those kind of things.  Just admire the clean look...ahhh...wonderful.  
 Finally, I will say that my bathroom is OK and our living space is looking good.  The bathroom is another one of those rooms that has to be cleaned constantly. I'm talking on a daily basis.  The living space also has to be tended to on a regular basis because we have a dog...which leaves her hair behind and must be vacuumed.  Again, I am doing really well here.  
The rooms in my house that need attention: the master bedroom, basement and kids room.  The need in the kids room is mainly toys.  They need to be put away. I think all parents know what I am talking about here.  The basement...well, its a basement. Its not that bad but I still want to get rid of some unneeded items.  Finally, the master bedroom. I will admit. Its a mess.  I need to put laundry away and organize some papers. I will hopefully get to all this by the weekend....we will see. 
Lessons being learned: my house will never look perfect.  Keeping a house clean with kids is a never ending work. Be thankful that its as clean as it is.  

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