Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Fire Fighter Birthday Party

While we celebrated Preston's actual Birthday a couple weeks ago with family doesn't mean we can't celebrate again with our friends!  We celebrated his 5th Birthday in style with a Firetruck themed party and a lot of excitement.  First, I would like to give a big shout out to my husband for decorating this awesome Firetruck cake.  I think he did a fab job!  
We took Preston's friends to visit the Richmond Heights Fire Department.  This was the best idea EVER!  Oh yes, it was Preston's idea.  Not only did the firefighters welcome the kids and their parents but they gave everyone a tour of the fire station AND let them tour the Firetruck and Ambulance.  Awesome!  Here are most of the kids at the party.  
All this equipment is SO cool.  
Preston was so excited to show all his friends the fire truck and tell them all that he knows.  Oh yes, the birthday boy was able to try on the fire fighter helmet.  He keeps telling me that he is going to be a REAL fire fighter when he grows up. I would be so proud of him.  
A quick shot of Steven and Preston. I love my boys!  
This is one happy boy.  
Oh yes, I almost forgot.  The fire department also gave each kid a sticker, junior fire fighter helmet and a gift bag with all sorts of fun stuff.  Dude, these folks are amazing.  I not only feel blessed by my fire department but totally safe and cared for.  More reason to encourage my son to enter a profession where he has to be brave, strong, sacrificial and compassionate.  I know, who knows what Preston will be when he grows up.  All I know is what I am so thankful he looks up to some great people.  

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