Friday, August 9, 2013

Playing with my kids and their favorite toys

Has it really been 5 days since my last post?  So sorry.  I always start each week with a list of 'goals' or 'task items' to accomplish...lets just say I didn't get too many of these items finished this week.  I have been busy folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen and throwing away junk to keep to my list. I still have a whole bin of papers that need to be filed...maybe I'll get to that next week.  Anyway, I have also been busy playing with the kids and trying to spend some quality time with them before they head back school.  I'm so excited for them to be back in a 'normal routine' but will miss that extra time we can spend together.  Even as I type this post I realize that in 2 weeks I will be up and getting my son ready for school. Crazy.  

Since I have been spending some extra time in my kids playroom and not blogging I have come to notice and wanted to document some of their favorite toys. I think our readers will like them.  A couple of these toys may remind you of your childhood.  Oh yes, all of these toys were either given to my kids or simply found at a garage sale.  Excellent.  Note: I did not document any of Preston's train collection.  I'll save that for another post.  

Here we have a couple of our favorite books.  First we have the Brimax Books Show Baby Series.  They were published in the late 70's.  I kept one of these books, Mealtime, from my childhood days and I am currently trying to find more on Amazon.  We now have said book along with Bedtime, Playtime and Knowing.  I still have about 8 more to go. I'll keep you posted.  Oh yes, anyone recognize that lovely phone.  I'm not sure when it was made but it sure does remind me of my childhood...and the Toy Story movies. I found this at a garage sale for 50 cents. 
 One more set of photos.  This little learning box on the left is GREAT.  It goes through all the letters in the alphabet and puts them to song.  Peyton can sit and listen for a while.  I'm talking at least 15 minutes which is great.  This item was a gift from a friend.  Finally, no house would be complete without Mr. Potato head.  We also have Mrs. Potato head so each child has a friend.  Again, one was a garage sale find for $1 and the other was a gift from Grandad.  
What are some of your favorite toys?  

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