Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A working wall of art

I have been doing some work in our house to make it look…better.  For so long so many of our walls were bare or just looked bad (or at least I thought they looked bad).  I have also been trying to bring in some personality to our house.  I think adding some unique pieces of art to our house can be fun and display a bit of our history and personality.  Anyway, I decided to start on a bare wall in the kids playroom.  I had a bunch of random frames and pictures that needed a place to live and I decided to make something work.   Here is the finished product.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Let me share some specify details of why I chose these items to hang on our wall.
This hand embroidered item was something my mom made years ago before she got sick.  My dad gave it to me a few weeks ago and I knew immediately that I needed to display it.  I found an old frame in our basement, painted it with some leftover paint and viola - a framed item with some family history. I would like to note that my mom was talented in this area.  She made quite a few items and this one is one of my favorites.  I don't have many items from my mom.  She really didn't have a lot to begin with. She was a simple person who was content to give to others.  I hope I can follow her example.  
 I purchased this item a few weeks ago from a talented lady named Kim.  Check out her work here.  I love this piece because I am proud to be from the Show Me State and have St. Louis as my home.  
 I just purchased this piece last week.  Its from Katie Daisy and I LOVE her stuff.  Check out here site here.  She is another amazingly talented artist and I love all her work.  I chose this piece because I don't think we take enough time to be still in our lives.  I know I could use some extra time to be still and reflect on many things… I hope this print serves as a good reminder.  
 The next three pieces are a special work of art by me and the kids.  I think its important to show of their/our work in our home. I may not be talented in the painting category I still think its important to help make our house a home.  The first painting is from Preston.  There is the sun, sky, mountains and grass.  He is actually a very talented artist. I'll try and post more of his work :) 
 This is my print.  Its a tree :)  Just something simple.  
 Here is Peyton's painting.  She loves the color pink!  
 Here is a print Steven bought me when we were dating.  Its a picture of the trolly cars in San Francisco. Steven went there because he was in a wedding and the print reminds me of our early days together.  He was and is so sweet.  
Finally, I have a Calendar.  This print is from the talented Lindsey of Hello Hue . She is another super talented artist and I just had to buy one of these for the kids room. Its a perfect learning tool and the colors are fabulous!
 I think that is all for now. I have a few random frames to fill with pictures of the kids but that should be finished soon.  I love knowing that this wall is now filled with so many wonderful pieces and wonderful memories. I hope your home is filled with the same.  

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