Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Is my life boring?

Is my life boring? I have been thinking about this a lot the past few weeks.  Perhaps it is due in part to the lack of outdoor play/freezing temperatures that has made me ponder my life a bit.  I also, will admit, that looking at Facebook is often a very bad idea.  Seeing other mom's out with their children and involved in fun activities always produces guilt, jealousy, etc...  Am I doing enough with my kids?  Do I provide fun activities for them?  Am I a good mom?  A whole list of questions fill my mind and my thoughts are less than encouraging.  Oh yes, I will also note that Peyton was sick this past weekend and any plans I had to hang out with some friends was cancelled due to some sort of virus moving through her system.  I'm sure this only adds to the boring schedule that is our life...or so I think. 

I am hopeful that when the weather warms up we will be able to get outside a bit more and I won't feel so down on my life.  I'm sure this is the main reason for my low feelings.  Our family often heads to one of the MANY parks St. Louis has to offer when the weather is warm.  Oh yes, did I mention the FREE zoo or museum's?  All are amazing and we love getting out.  Its also a great time to hang out with friends and most of the winter germs have gone away.  Again, I am hopeful that I will get out more with friends and their kids this spring/summer/fall.  I also think it would be good for me to call more people and see if they want to get together and hang out.   

Does anyone else have similar feelings?  Am I just forgetting what is true: Winter is a hard time for families with kids or I'm not really boring but just comparing myself to some unrealistic life I see on Facebook?  For real, why do I have a hard time believing that I am a good mom and friend?  Is my life defined by my activities or my children.  Thankfully, I believe that it is not.  I believe I am defined by God's great love for me in Christ who calls me his child and loves me faithfully and fully.  Perhaps I can begin to have this more in mind as I love my children, spend time with them and help them engage with friends and the big wide world.  

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