Sunday, March 2, 2014

Potty Training

Potty Training with Peyton has been taking place at the Dalbey house this weekend.  Thankfully, it has been going VERY well.  We have been talking about 'going potty' for a while but this weekend I think it finally clicked.  We went to Target and I told Peyton she could pick out her own underwear.  She picked out Dora and some Princess undies.  Classic.  
We started the 'training' a bit on Thursday and after 1 accident (which she did not like) she has been clean and dry the entire weekend!  Yes, I am amazed.  We continue to read these books which have been helping quite a bit as well.  
 Oh yes, I haven't had to force Peyton to use the potty at all.  She has been staying dry and is telling me when she has to go.  Can I say amazing one more time!?  I am praying that this potty training business continues to go well and the transition to going potty at school goes well this week.  I am so thankful!!  

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