Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Street Project Reflections

While the street project is still in the works they have finished the part in front of our house.  I am SO THANKFUL to have my driveway and the construction moved away from my house.  I want to share a few reflections about this project. 
Here are a few pictures of the finished work in front of our house. 
This is the view from our driveway.  Notice the spot in the yard where we will eventually have a new street light. 
 Here is a street view of our newly expanded street. 
Positive Points:
First, I am thankful for the new lower section of our driveway.  While I am not a huge fan of blacktop I am thankful for a clean beginning to our driveway.  It is a bit wider then it was before.  It is also straight which is nice.  Second, the new street looks very nice.  The workers did an excellent job pouring concrete and everything looks good.  The rain also drains nicely and does not pool. 
Negative Points:
First, there is SO MUCH CONCRETE!  Seriously, why did you take out so much grass and replace it with concrete.  This is a neighborhood street and not a highway. I think our road is now wider than some roads where there are no houses and the speed limit is 40 mph.  Would it have hurt you to leave me about 2 more feet of grass space?  I know you wanted 'more room for parking' but this is a bit much.  Oh yes, I hear you are going to expand the other side of the street as well.  Again, are you serious.  Who is in charge of this project?  Do they think it will look good.  I am much more pessimistic now than I ever was about this project.  Second, you cut down my Gingko tree for this?  A bunch of concrete is more important than a beautiful tree.  Oh yes, what about the SAFETY of my kids and other people walking on the sidewalk?  You left little to no buffer space.  Please tell me you are going to plant bushes or something.  I sure hope my kids don't fall off their bike and land in the street.  This is a law suit waiting to happen.  It is not safe at all.  Who is in charge of this project? 
Finally, why on earth did you start this project in October?  The person in charge of planning should be fired or severely punished for this idiotic planning.  You made me walk across a street for months with my little children because I couldn't use my driveway.  Please help me understand why you didn't wait until the spring to start this project when the chance of snow and ice was 0%.  Again, who is in charge? 
Ok, one more.  Why was all this money spent on Concrete and our street when it really didn't need work in the first place.  Why wasn't this money spent on our local schools, the library, veterans, etc... I can think of dozens of causes that are more important than our street.  I think someone needs to check their priorities.  I don't think this street will make a big difference in our city.  If you spent a couple million on our schools it would make a BIG difference.  Maybe I should run for election in our area? Then again, maybe not.  

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