Thursday, March 6, 2014

Birthday Party Post

The next two posts are pictures from some fun Birthday parties the kids have been invited to the past month.  Its always a highlight for our family to celebrate with others for their Birthday.  I think Birthday parties were invented for an excuse to have a fun play date :)  I can't wait for Peyton's party this year!  Its going to be epic.  Ok, back to the parties for some of our friends.  This post has pictures when Peyton was invited to a party from one of her friends from school.  The party took place at the Magic house which is super sweet.  First, the girls were able to decorate their own princess crown.  Peyton had lots of hearts and pink decorations.  
What party doesn't have cupcakes :) 

 and opening gifts with friends.  
I'm so thankful that Peyton has such sweet friends!  
Tomorrow's post will be from Miss Cora's Birthday party and both Preston and Peyton were invited!!  

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