Friday, February 7, 2014

GoodBye Santa Fe Pottery

It was time.  Time to say Goodbye to the Santa Fe Pottery color in our living room.  Why?  8 years was more than enough.  While I really liked the color I knew we needed something more clean and simple for our living space and I was very happy to change things up.  I am still finishing a few spots but the room is about 80% complete.  I also re painted all the white trim AND the ceiling.  Wow, it really needed a fresh coat of paint.  Oh yes, I also sold our TV console and purchased a new one at Target online.  This new stand opens up the room so much and I am so glad I made the change.  Here are a few photos. I think everyone can agree that it looks a lot better. 
Here is a picture of the red walls just as I was starting to paint. 
I made sure to remove all light covers and replaced the off white ones with white ones.  That was a simple $1.99 fix :) 
Here is the work in process.  That edging around the ceiling was a lot of work but I think you can tell by the picture that it needed to be done. 
Here is the look at the fireplace mantel before and after a fresh coat of white paint.  Wow! 
I made sure to paint all the baseboards.  Again, a lot of work but it needed to be done. 
Here was our old TV console.  It was very nice but just didn't work in our home.  I sold it on Craig's list in 1 day. 
Here is the look of the fresh coat of paint .  So nice!! 
 The windows and mantel look so clean :)
 Here was our first wall complete.  I was eager to move things out, paint and move things back as quickly as possible.  I wanted to minimize the 'crazy house project' look as much as possible. 
 Here is one side of our house all painted and put back together. You can still see the red paint in the mirror :)  I still have to finish one wall on the other side and take some pictures.  Stay tuned. 

 Cost of project:
$50 for a gallon of Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  (I am borrowing a little bit of the paint from my dad since I still have a half a wall to finish) 
New $1.99 light switch cover. 
Plus or minus $8 for a new brush
$12.99 for a can of pure white paint from Home Depot. 
I sold our TV stand for $125 on Craig's List. 
I purchased a new TV stand on Target online for $160 
All is all - not bad and not expensive.  I say the late night work was worth it! 

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