Sunday, February 20, 2011

the past few days

Well, the Dalbey family has had an interesting couple of days. After a long, hard day on Thursday with Preston being sick, Steven left that night for a youth ski trip to CO. It made me sad that I wasn't going for the first time in 7 years. Yes, I will be honest - I shed a few years. After he left, I put Preston to bed but was still very concerned about him b/c he had a fever. I called our Dr's. medical exchange and ended up talking with a pediatric nurse from St. Louis Children's Hospital. I forgot this lady's name but she was so helpful. She gave me a plan to care for Preston and went through everything to make sure he didn't have any rare digestive issues or food poisoning, etc... I also learned the classic signs of dehydration and the different stages of foods you wean children back on to after they have been sick. By Friday morning we were doing better. Here is a picture of Preston watching some more TV in our bedroom. He didn't each much on Friday but started to hold down liquids.
By Friday evening it seemed that Preston was on the mend and I put him to bed in his 'new' big boy bed. Steven had taken the time to convert the crib to a bed on Wednesday before Preston came down with the flu bug and had not slept in his bed since. He did very well on his first try. I had to tell him about 4 stories and sing to him for a while but he fell asleep and stayed in his bed all night long.
Saturday was also a good day. Preston had energy, he started eating more food and kept it down. We even made a quick trip to the grocery store to buy milk, bread, and a prize for sleeping in his new bed. By Saturday night, I thought we were doing well and that I wan't going to get sick...I was wrong.

Sunday morning, around 1am, Preston fell out of his bed. We have a gate, but needed a few more screws to install. I had placed blankets and toys on the floor to catch him if he fell, but he still fell out and I think it scared him quite a bit. I brought Preston in our room to sleep but soon realized that I felt horrible. I made a trip the bathroom around 1:30am....I will spare you the details. Then around 3:30am Preston woke up crying and would not stop. I thought he was having a bad dream but his crying lasted almost 2 hours. This was all going on as I felt like I was going to be sick at any moment. Oh yes, did I mention that I am 36 weeks pregnant - not fun. At 4:45am I finally sent a text to my father in law asking for help. He came over and picked up Preston around 5:30AM...just as Preston started to calm down and right after I made another trip to the bathroom.

So, Preston is with Grammie and Papa (THANK YOU) and I am home trying to recover. I got sick again after Preston left but then slept and just woke up about 30 minutes ago. I drank a little water and am still holding it down. I feel 'better' but very weak and exhausted. We will see what today brings. I am now going back to bed.

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