Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

This past weekend was filled with wonderful time with family.  First,we headed out to our backyard to do a little 'spring cleaning' on Saturday.  We fertilized the grass, cut the grass, pulled weeds, cleaned up the deck and cleared our yard of any trash/junk.  I can't wait to play more in our backyard this spring and summer
On Saturday evening we headed over to Papa's house for some dinner to celebrate Easter.  Preston  happily set the table...with a dinosaur at each place setting.  I found this to be very educational.
Sunday was Easter and we first celebrated by going to church to worship.  After Church we headed over to Grandma & Granddad's house for lunch and an Easter Egg hunt.  Here are the kids with their cousin, Alice, waiting by the front door.  They were so excited to find the eggs.
Here are the kids on the hunt.  It didn't last long but it was a lot of fun watching the kids find all the eggs.
Here are the kids going through their loot.  Notice that Peyton is happily going through her candy while Preston is just being silly.  Also notice hos Preston's basket is FULL if not overflowing with eggs.
A nice family photos for Easter.  Thank you, I phone, for this decent picture.
On Saturday afternoon we headed down the street to an open field to fly a kite as a family.  The wind was PERFECT.  Our kite soared into the air and Preston loved watching it fly.
Finally, some lovely tulips for Spring.  I am so happy Spring is here.  No more cold weather.  Now, we just need the trees to bloom...hopefully by the end of the week.
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